The War On Smartphones For A Limited Market

Smartphone Makers Battle For Market Share

Everyone wants to use the phone of the season and everyone wants their cell phone to be better than others. 2013 has come up with many great phones, but still there are the best phones to choose from. Below you will see the best Android smart phones for 2013. They are as follows:

1. The Nexus 5

This phone finally got released in 2013 after several rumours and it being a Google phone, has gone to the top immediately after its release. It offers great hardware and very unique software at a very affordable price. It has a very high and fast processor and comes with the latest Kit Kat update. This without doubt was the best phone in 2013 and will remain the best in 2014 as well. Get your hands on this super cool phone and be on top with every update.

2. The HTC One

The HTC Is One Of The Best Brands On The Market

The HTC Is One Of The Best Brands On The Market

This is one of the best Android smart phones. It comes with an extraordinary package a unique design and a great camera. It comes with Android 4.2, Jellybean and is sure to come out with the latest android version 4.4, KitKat before January ends. The greatest feature about the phone is its price, because even though it is a wonderful phone with great features, the price seems to continually drop. It is still the best buy in 2014.

3. The Samsung Galaxy 4

This phone is very similar to the HTC One and is also one of the best Android smart phones for 2013. It comes with a fantastic hardware which includes the best screens in the market. It also has a fast processor, 13 megapixel camera, and a design that will last you for a very long time. The price also seems to be reducing as time passes by. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is on its way, but till it comes in the market, the S4 is the phone you want to own.


4. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Is Trying To Lead The Smartphones Market

Samsung Is Trying To Take Over The Smartphone Market

This is not a phone and not even a tablet, it is a phablet. Samsung is very proud to present to you the first 5.7 inch phablet. This is very new and is still running. It comes with an S Pen and a very high quality display. Most of the smart phones do not have the stylus feature. If you are an adventurer, this phone is definitely for you. It is definitely expensive but worth the buy.

5. The Moto X

This phone has competition with the LG G2, a very fast and high quality phone that was released in the States. The Moto X is very cheap but at the same time, durable. This is also one the best phones with great features.

Choose your smart phone wisely. After all, a phone reflects character. All the 5 phones above have more or less the same features. There is a phone for every character.

Dealing With A Breakup Is Not Easy

Dealing With A Breakup Is Not Easy

It can be quite a task to dump someone especially when you have decided to move on but your partner is still not able to face the reality. If you are a traditional person, you may like to have a breakup chat with your boyfriend or girlfriend but if you are a witty and a spiteful person then you might want to dump your boyfriend/girlfriend in a style that is more creative, witty and mischievous. Here are five creative ways to dump someone.

Post the relationship status on Facebook

If you are still friends with your “to be” ex and you have not removed him from your friend list, then this might be a perfect way to put your message across. Just change your relationship status from “In a relationship” to single and see your girlfriend or boyfriend try to get in touch with you frantically. However, you will have to keep a close watch on what he or she posts on your wall and comments on your status, as he/she would turn nasty too. Change your privacy settings so that you review his post and comments before it can be seen on your wall and posts.

Send back old stuff as a gift with a note

Make A list Of Old Gifts And Send Them Back

Make A list Of Old Gifts And Send Them Back

If you have been in a relationship then you would definitely have many gifts from him/her. After the breakup, these things will only remind you and pull you down. You should get rid off them eventually and the best way is to send them back with a breakup note.

Set up a blind date for your partner

If you know that your girlfriend or boyfriend has no one else in their life, it would probably be a better idea to get them busy before dumping them. You are not only doing a favor to them by helping them rebound but you are also helping yourself as you do not have to go through the routine drama from your ex. Just set up a blind date and tell them on the blind date that it is over between you two. Leave as soon as possible from the restaurant to reduce any chances of getting some flak back from him or her.

Billboard messages can say what you cannot

If you are not able to break the news to your boyfriend or girlfriend then may be, a big billboard can do the job for you. Just write a witty b breakup message for your partner and make sure that he or she sees it. However, this can be quite embarrassing for him or her so especially if it is in a public place so make sure that you are at a safe distance when he or she sees it.

Send some self-help books and sad songs compilation DVD

Send A Clear Message: The Relationship Is Over

Send A Clear Message: The Relationship Is Over

If you have gone through a breakup before then you probably know the routine. Send some self-help books and a bunch of sad songs compilation DVDs along with the breakup note to ease the pain.

Dumping someone like this will surely create a lot of animosity but will give you a good relief that you did so and will help you get over him or her too. It puts you in the powerful driving zone and your ego likes it. In a breakup, the person who makes the first move of breaking up is more likely to recover from the breakup faster than the one who is at the receiving end.

Enjoy Outdoor Exercise

Enjoy Outdoor Exercise

Bike riding is fun, healthy and for many it is a stress buster. But there are some for who bike riding is pure passion. Biking does have its apparent advantages but just like every other thing, if not done correctly, it could lead to some problems. There are certain things that need to be taken care of when riding.

Don’t go fast too soon

You can’t just go and get the pedal to the medal right away. You are not running a 100 meter race. Trying to pace up early means increasing the metabolic rate which in turn starts burning the sugar reserves of the body. Sugar burns almost twice as fast as fat and it is not good if you are planning to go for a while. The idea is to burn body fat and not sugar. You should go slow during the first few minutes of your riding activity so you’ll actually go for a while down the road.

Choose climbing gears carefully

Choose The Right Gear To Go Biking

Choose The Right Gear To Go Biking

You need to make sure you’re using the right gears as you climb. Experts say maintaining 90 to 100 rpm is the best strategy. Climbing in higher gears and lower rpm will result in extra stress on your joints. That’s not exactly good if you are planning to be a long term biker. Lower gears and too high a cadence can result in the unnecessary draining of energy due to extra pedal work.

Rest as needed

Resting when you need to doesn’t mean you are weak or giving up. Resting is as much a part of the process as any other thing that you’d do when training. Too much training and no rest often leads to frequent injuries and reduced stamina and can be very harmful to your motivation. So take a day off once a week and reserve a couple of days for less rigorous trainings. This will help your heart and muscles and prepare you for long term biking.

Have someone who’ll be there

Cycling Or Biking Is Good For Your Health.. If It Is Done Properly

Cycling Or Biking Is Good For Your Health.. If It Is Done Properly

A common misconception people like to use is that cycling alone will make you completely fit. In fact, cycling isn’t a replacement to the other important physical activities that you need to get into. It is just a part of your overall fitness training program. Cycling helps make your lower body muscles fit. Cycling alone will leave your upper body muscles weak. So don’t ignore the other forms of workouts. Ask great bikers and they will tell you how they never forget to do other physical exercises to keep the prospects of long term biking alive.

You have to use these points if you’re going to have the best cycling training program possible. It will not be much of a hassle for you to use a good program if you’re sensible enough for what you want to do with it.

Your Business Needs A Great Financial Manager To Succeed

Your Business Needs A Great Financial Manager To Succeed

One of the key areas that most business people battle with is management of business finances. This concept ‘management of business finances’ has brought a lot of debate in the world of business. It is blamed as the top reason why most businesses have closed down. You must have witnessed this. For example, you may find a business that appears to have picked but after few months, it is no longer there. Reason? – Poor fund management. As a businessperson, it pays to be knowledgeable about reliable ways of managing business finances. Some of this ways include:

1. Joining a savings and credit union

Joining a savings and credit organization is a great idea. The union will not only bail you out in times of financial challenges, it will also encourage you to develop a saving culture. Always bear in mind that most savings and credit unions will only advance credits once you have saved a specified amount. In that case, it is clear that you have to be saving to that you can access credit when you need.

2. Seek financial advice from reliable financial advisers

Hire An Expert

Hire An Expert

A mentor will do. A lot of successful businessmen that we know of today found their way into riches through consultation with their mentors. A mentor will help you set up financial goals and ways of achieving them. You may also need to carry out a little research about management of money. In the internet, you will hardly miss a site that will give assistance on that.

3. Hire a bookkeeper

Nowadays, success in every business depends on how well you manage your accounts. Financial accounts for that matter. A good book keeper will help you track your finances. He/she will also take the initiative of bringing to accountability all the money that is generated from your business. Be careful to hire a trusted bookkeeper.

4. Understand the nature of costs

It is important to differentiate between capital and operational costs. This will enable you identify if all activities that you are carrying out are profitable. An accountant may help you in that. However, if your business is too young to demand the services of an accountant, you may need to seek assistance.

5. Revise your budget regularly

Do Not Let Your Budget Go Unattended

Do Not Let Your Budget Go Unattended

When we prepare our budgets, there are some factors that may force us to revise them. We should not be adamant in making the revisions. In most cases, revising our budgets will aid in eliminating features that may lead to unnecessary spending.

In conclusion, this article has clearly indicated that management of business finances can be done by anyone. Therefore, we have nobody to blame for our failure to do so. In fact, those who bring their businesses down have themselves to blame because no training is necessary.

Be Efficient At Work

Be Efficient At Work

Every employee, business owner or any other person desires effective use of time in the place of work. No matter how hard we tried to reduce or eliminate time killing, at the end of the day, we will also find out that we never use our office time appropriately. We may not know how time was wasted because we may not be knowledgeable about possible time killers. As we all know, we cannot provide a solution to a problem that we do not know. In that case, it pays to be knowledgeable about various time killers. In this way, we will be able to evade or avoid them thus manage our time appropriately.

5 Biggest Time Killers at Work

1. Procrastination

Procrastination is a number one time killer. Basically, procrastination steals our useful time. It is the reason why we fail to beat deadlines. According to a survey that was conducted in 2013, procrastination accounts for 43% of all the time that is killed.

2. Social networking

Social Media Is A Time Killer

Social Media Is A Time Killer

This is a new but threatening time killer that most companies face. It has even forced various companies to disable access to various social networking sites. Social networking is difficult to deal with because an employee need not be absent from work in order to social network. While disconnecting internet or blocking access to sites like Facebook may work, we should not forget that the use of phones can propagate the behavior.

3. Meetings

Holding unplanned and frequent meetings is also a big time killer. This time killer is normally associated with top members of staff such as managers. It may not be possible to evade it but if an organization is serious about making good use of work time, it should carry out reviews on how and when to hold meetings. It is advisable to hold meetings when work hours are over. Alternatively, holding the meetings during weekends may help.

4. Non –business related talks

This is common in companies and firms where employees have spent a long time and have known each other for a very long time. Instead of carrying out business, they merely sit on their desks discussing their private issues and gossip. If discussions should be held, it should be held during free time and breaks.

5. Commuting

Avoid The Time Killers

Avoid The Time Killers

If you live far away from your place of work, you are a victim of this. Getting late does not necessarily mean to wake up late. You may wake up early but get caught by traffic jams. In that way, productive work will have been destroyed.

There are several issues that can kill time in any organization. The good news is that most of them can be eliminated. However, for the issues to be addressed amicably, it is advisable to lay down strict rules.